Digital modular cutting plotters

Cutting edge technology for global industrial needs

Randix is an industrial brand of digital cutting machines 

Our mission is to provide the most advanced cutting solutions to the very demanding global industrial sector

The concept of Randix digital cutting plotters was developed by the best European and American designers and engineers over 60 years of industry wide experience in a constant technology improvement. The on-time delivery, reliable and proven technology, worldwide technical and sales support are the key elements to achieving the market success and satisfying even the most demanding industrial customers.
The Plug-and-Play Changeover System for cutting tools is an innovative approach to turn the basic cutting table into the most sophisticated digital cutting machines utilizing all technologically feasible cutting and marking tools. Our flatbed plotter offer full cutting flexibility for wide range of modern industrial fabrics, non-wovens, composites, honeycomb structural materials, rigid polymers and soft metals.
  • Military

    The military industry requires special care for the quality and durability of the manufactured products. This applies to all products, including widely understood clothing. The capabilities of Zemat Technology Group machines mean that the appropriate quality of end products allows them to be used in the military industry.

  • Tensile Structures

    Tensile structures and membranes are products known and manufactured for years. Their production changes both in terms of the materials used, which are becoming more and more modern, as well as assembly and application possibilities. This is why machines for creating such products play a particularly important role.

  • Automotive

    Automotive industry is a space where technological changes, innovations and trends happens regularly, quickly and often, which allow to optimize costs and increase the quality of products. In these assumptions fit well machines produced by Zemat Technology Group.

  • Marine

    In the case of sails, at earlier stage it is important to properly cut its shapes. Modern RANDIX plotters are perfect for this job. They were developed for quick and precise cutting of technical textiles. Importantly, the work table can have enough surface that it will be perfect for cutting large sails.

  • Aeronautics

    Some of Zemat machines can be used in the aeronautics industry. The production of all types of materials or components is a big responsibility for durability and performance. In this context, the quality of each product are extremely important. The RANDIX cutting system is ideally suited for this demanding industry. It can be used for precise cutting of technical textiles to the dimensions necessary to make final products.


    Customizable cutting table sizes

    Conveyor or static surface

    Optional manual or automatic feeder

    Precision rack-and-pinion motion system with state-of-the-art servo motors

    Universal modular head options enable work with up to three tools simultaneously

    In-house developed randix software with io formats and nesting

    Equipped with Randix ZTG remote diagnostics, Zemat TG service professionals can analyze your system via a secure Internet connection to take steps to ensure it’s always in optimum working condition.

    The Randix ZTG has a simple and intuitive user interface making the workflow process easy to follow even for a novice. This will improve productivity while reducing errors and training time. Compatible with standard drawing file formats: .DXF, .HPGL AND .ISO

    Users can import files into proprietary Randix ZTG system, identifying cutting requirements such as material type, velocity, pressure, tool type, etc. The user outlines the area to be cut with the mouse and with the simple press of a button cutting begins. Various marking, tool head, and material handling options are available to enhance the system.

    Comprehensive reports help you take control of your business. Analyze system throughput, material yield, processing times, individual job statistics and more. Discover opportunities to make cutter operators more efficient and to optimize your cutting process.

    Modules & Tools

    • MS + RTT

      Standard module with universal fixed cutting knife tool for a wide range of materials. It can be used for corrugated boxes, folding cartons, honeycombs, magnetic materials, magnets, packaging, plastics and PVC.

    • MU + RTU

      Ultrasonic Module - Special module to hold ultrasonic cutting systems with ultrasonic tool with sonotrode tip for cut and weld. Ultrasonic cutting provides the highest quality and aesthetic finish, edge does not shrink, wrinkle and is free from dissipated fibers - edge sealing. It can be used for lace clothes, sport wear, toys elements, gloves, tablecloths, chair covers, bed linen, pillows, coverlet, window curtains, non woven masks, ribbons, etc.

    • MS + RTRDN

      Standard module with pneumatic drive heavy-duty rotary blade wheel tool for technical textiles. It can be used for acrylic, air dancers, awnings, balloons silk,  building wraps or netting.

    • MP + RTP

      Pen module with built-in laser pointer with basic marking tool compatible with a wide range of standard drawing pens. It can be used for technical textiles, leather, paper, patterns, roofing insulation, rubber or shoes.