RANDIX digital cutting system can be used by companies operating in various industries. Its unique ability to cut a variety of materials makes it an ideal solution with the possibility of a wide use. 


  • Military

    The military industry requires special care for the quality and durability of the manufactured products. This applies to all products, including widely understood clothing. The capabilities of Zemat Technology Group machines mean that the appropriate quality of end products allows them to be used in the military industry.

  • Tensile Structures

    Tensile structures and membranes are products known and manufactured for years. Their production changes both in terms of the materials used, which are becoming more and more modern, as well as assembly and application possibilities. This is why machines for creating such products play a particularly important role.

  • Automotive

    Automotive industry is a space where technological changes, innovations and trends happens regularly, quickly and often, which allow to optimize costs and increase the quality of products. In these assumptions fit well machines produced by Zemat Technology Group.

  • Marine

    In the case of sails, at earlier stage it is important to properly cut its shapes. Modern RANDIX plotters are perfect for this job. They were developed for quick and precise cutting of technical textiles. Importantly, the work table can have enough surface that it will be perfect for cutting large sails.

  • Aeronautics

    Some of Zemat machines can be used in the aeronautics industry. The production of all types of materials or components is a big responsibility for durability and performance. In this context, the quality of each product are extremely important.

    The RANDIX cutting system is ideally suited for this demanding industry. It can be used for precise cutting of technical textiles to the dimensions necessary to make final products.

    Sample Products