Randix by Zemat


Our mission is to provide the most advanced cutting solutions to the very demanding global industrial sector.

The concept of Randix digital cutting plotters was developed by the best European and American designers and engineers over 60 years of industry wide experience in a constant technology improvement. The on-time delivery, reliable and proven technology, worldwide technical and sales support are the key elements to achieving the market success and satisfying even the most demanding industrial customers.
The Plug-and-Play Changeover System for cutting tools is an innovative approach to turn the basic cutting table into the most sophisticated digital cutting machines utilizing all technologically feasible cutting and marking tools. Our flatbed plotter offer full cutting flexibility for wide range of modern industrial fabrics, non-wovens, composites, honeycomb structural materials, rigid polymers and soft metals.
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Randix is an industrial brand of Digital Cutting Machines manufactured by Zemat Technology Group

Digital cutting system photo1
Digital cutting system photo2
Digital cutting system photo3
Digital cutting system photo4
Digital cutting system photo5
Digital cutting system photo5

Variety of tools: blades / milling / laser cutting / ultrasonic cutting / marking

Customizable cuting table sizes

Conveyor or static surface

Universal modular head enables work with three tools simultaneously

Precision rack-and-pinion motion system with state-of-the-art servo motors

Optional automatic feeder

In-house developed RandiX software with IO formats and nesting

Cutting Edge technology for global industrial needs

Randix digital cutting systems |  Conveyor table automatic loading

Conveyor table automatic loading

Randix digital cutting systems | Automatic feeder with edge control

Automatic feeder with edge control

Randix digital cutting systems | Multi-platform software and IO conversion

Multi-platform software and IO conversion

Randix digital cutting systems | Multi-platfirm software, IO conversion and nesting<

Multi-platfirm software, IO conversion and nesting

Randix digital cutting systems | Customized table size

Customized table size

Randix digital cutting systems | Angular cutting for 3D structures/composites

Angular cutting for 3D structures/composites

Randix digital cutting systems | Single setting multifuncionality

Single setting multifuncionality

Randix digital cutting systems | Vacuum table with cutting zone control

Vacuum table with cutting zone control

Randix digital cutting systems | Presicion cut control pressure foot

Presicion cut control pressure foot

2 modules

3 modules

Universal modular tool header

Custom cutting table size
Cutting table surface: conveyor or static
Custom cutting tools
Feeder: automatic or manual
State-of-the-art software and nesting solutions
Velocity, speed and step precision control
Fully upgradable: the basic configuration of the machine can be upgraded with new tools in the future and adopted to the new projects
Standard Holder for most RX tools with Z axis control (tool up an down) and C axis (turn)
Pen Support for the marking tool (RTP) pneumatically driven with a positioning laser pointer (LP) on the bottom. This module is standard on all RandiX machines
Laser Holder for the laser cutting tool (RTL)
Router Holder for router tool (RTRT) and router sanding (RTRS) with Z axis control (tool raising and lowering), pressure foot with brush and suction tube for the milling/polishing residues
Ultrasonic Holder for ultrasonic tools (RTU and RTUC)
RTATN Angular tangential pneumatic
RTC Creaser
RTTC Crush cutting
RTD Drill
RTDR Driving rotary
RTDRN Driving rotary pneuumatic
RTRE Engraving
RTL Laser
RTLP Laser pointer
RTDP Punch
RTR Rotary
RTRT Router
RTRN Router pneumatic
RTRS Router sanding
RTT Tangential cutting
RTTD Tangential oscilating cutter
RTTN Tangential oscilating pneumatic
RTU Ultrasonic
RTUC Ultrasonic oscilating cutter
RTVC V-cut
RTV Vinyl and laminate cutter

Smart Laser Cutting System

Customizable CO2 Class 4 LASER up to 650W with adjustable focal length and innovative laser beam attenuation

Modular concept system

Perfect edge cutting

High Resolution

Accurate power tuning

Integrated controller and robust interface

Complete Fume Extraction System

Z-axis position control of the laser head and extraction system

Complete cutting table configuration up to the customer needs

Easy laser configuration trough RXS Software

Easy-To-Clean lens system

Stainless-steel rod mesh conveyor set with toothed pulleys

Closed loop water cooling system




Specific and proprietary RXS software for RandiX machines

Easy to use and compatible with the standard drawing file formats: .dxf, .hpgl and .iso

It can be configured with tools for all types of materials and cutting modes to provide the user with full control of every detail in order to achieve the best desired results

Its simulation mode allows the user to create the files, set the parameters and visualize the equipment operation independently of the machine

Generate simple figures and text

Optional software modules:
+ Automatic nesting
+ TouchCAD, for the design of tensile structures, canvas, inflatables or sails



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